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Beach Rules

Participant Agreement, Release &
Assumption of Risk

Life Jackets: Children 10 and under must wear a US Coast Guard Approved life jacket on at all times while in all areas of the water.  No exceptions!  Anyone 11 years and older must wear a life jacket  anywhere in the water not designated as shallow area.   This includes the cliff jumps, 65′ water slide, and any floatation devices. We do have life jackets available for rent ($6 pp/day).  You are welcome to bring your own but it must be US Coast Guard Approved and fit properly.   

Lifeguards are on duty at the slides, jumps & possibly other areas.  However, as with any large body of water with deep water it is impossible for us to see every issue in the water.  Keep in mind, our water is not clear like a pool.   We are a natural environment with floating sediment that can potentially ‘cloud’ the water.  Enter the water at your own risk.  Do not distract or talk to guards please.

No diving anywhere.

You must be 16 years of age, or older, to attend without an adult.  If you are under 18 years of age, please have your parent or legal guardian sign the waiver via the PDF waiver attached to this page, and bring it with you.

All beach goers will sign a waiver before entering the beach.  You must be at least 18 to sign the waiver. Each adult (18 and older) must sign their own waiver.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into the beach or consumed in parking lot. You will not be able to enter or  re-enter the venue for the day if you are consuming alcohol in the parking lot or appear intoxicated/disoriented.

Any beverage brought to the beach must be sealed, as when you purchased it.  Opened drinks, tampered sealed drinks, fountain drinks, or sport bottles filled with liquid can not be brought in.

No grills to be brought on site or parking lot.  Grilling can only be done in reserved Fugitive Beach areas using Fugitive Beach grills.  This is a safety issue that can not have any concession.

For the enjoyment of all beach goers and safety,  no speakers, sound systems, or mics can be brought into the venue.  Music is provided by the beach.

Smoking is prohibited outside the designated smoking areas.

No fighting, foul language, or threatening behavior will be permitted.  All violators will be removed without a refund.

No public intoxication will be allowed.  All violators will be removed without a refund and/or denied access into the venue.

No refunds due to weather or accidents or incidents out of Fugitive Beach’s control.  Please check on the weather the morning before you arrive.  We attempt to post on Facebook and Instagram any potential hazardous weather that would force the beach to close.

No glass, fireworks,  or firearms are allowed at the beach.

Do not throw rocks.  All violators will be removed without a refund.

No diving anywhere!  All water entrances must be feet first.

Pets are not allowed on premises. Trained service dogs are welcomed.  Comfort animals or Pets are not to be left in vehicles.  Law enforcement will be called.

Jumping is only permitted from the designated areas.  All jumping should be feet first.

No climbing on rock edges, rock bluffs, or rock walls.  Do not cross any fences, chains, landscaped areas or other barriers.

Please stay 20’ from the cliff walls due to falling rock.

Water shoes are highly suggested.  Be attentive to your surroundings. Watch where you are walking or swimming.  Please wear your shoes in the parking lot!

No thongs or excessively exposing swimwear will be allowed.  No clothing with offensive language.  People complain and then we have to ask you to put clothes on.  It’s just awkward.

Sorry , scuba diving is not permissible, nor is metal detecting.

Children in diapers are required to use Swim Diapers.  Swim diapers are sold on site if needed.

Pop-Up Canopies are allowed but they must be kept 50’ from the water. You must secure your canopy to prevent it from blowing over or harming others. We have limited blocks available.  If your canopy is deemed unsafe or unsecured, you will be required to use our blocks or take it down.   Beach umbrellas must follow the same protocol.

No weapons are allowed on the beach or beach property.

Use waterproof and flotation devices on your electronics, sunglasses, and personal items.  No one  can dive for any lost items, which includes Fugitive staff.  You are responsible for the safety and care of all your belongings at all times.  We do have lockers available for $5/day.

Please be respectful to others and obey Fugitive staff; we are here for everyone’s safety, as well as ours.

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