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Beach Safety




We may decide to close for the day due to unsafe weather conditions. Check the website and our Facebook page for updates if we are closed. If lightning is spotted nearby while we are open, we do have everyone get out of the water for 30 minutes from the last seen lightning strike/heard thunder.  If the last seen strike is at or after 5pm, we will close the park.  If dangerous weather is forecasted while we are open, the guards will blow their whistles three long blasts- please exit the water immediately and seek safety immediately.  If we are forced to close the park, please leave the venue parking lot as soon as possible and seek safety.  ​

Life jackets–

For your safety and our staff, all guests beyond the buoyed shallow area must wear a coast guard approved life jacket.  If you are 11 yrs and older, you do not have to wear a life jacket in the shallow area or going down the slip and slide (since it goes into 2-3′ of water at that point).  Please respect this new policy- be respectful to our staff that are enforcing the policy- guests that refuse to respect the new policy will be asked to vacate the venue without a refund.  As always, anyone 10 yrs old and younger must have a coast guard approved life jacket on at all time.  Puddle jumpers for children are coast guard approved.  You can bring your own life jacket, but it must be coast guard approved and weight appropriate.  We do rent life jackets for $6/day.


For the safety of customers and staff, grilling is only permitted at designated rental areas, where we maintain a set number of charcoal grills. To use these grills, you must rent a seating area that is designated to have a grill. All areas with grills are available to reserve ahead of time through the website under the tab labeled "Reserve a Private Area". Private or propane grills are not allowed on the premises, including the parking lot. 

Shallow water-

The Fugitive Beach has approximately 30,000 square feet of shallow water less than 4 feet deep.  This is indicated by the buoy lanes in the water.  Past the buoys the water is 15′ deep and can only be entered with a life jacket no matter what age you are.   

​Life Guards-

 are on duty at the slides, jumps and some other areas in the water, however, we do not cover every and all  area in the water, that is impossible.  As with any large deep area of water the life guards cannot cover and observe every  area, it is easy for someone to go under and not be observed by anyone.  So swim at your own risk and watch your own.  Make sure you follow the life jacket rules.


Approximately 10 drownings occur in the United States every day, they occur in public pools with life guards, rivers, lakes and the ocean, anytime you are in the water there is a chance of drowning.  Drownings occur for various reasons, health issues, cramps, tiredness, can’t swim well, alcohol, over heating, and several other reasons.  A great number of drownings occur silently, where the person goes under making no noise and drowns, very seldom do they yell and wave there arms like you see on TV. The safest way to enjoy the water is with a life jacket.

​Dangers of using water slides-

As with any outside activity and sporting  activity there are dangers.  Using water slides in general can cause Death, concussions, broken bones, bruises, abrasion, redness, swelling, and Pain to name a few. Those with previous injuries, young, elderly and with health issues are at higher risk of injuries than others.  Also it is not recommended to those that are pregnant should not jump.  slide at your own risk. 

Take Steps to Stay Safe Around Water-

Swimming is the most popular summer activity. One of the best things you can do to help your family stay safe is to enroll in age-appropriate swim lessons. Designed for those ages six months to adult, Red Cross swim lessons help set the stage for a lifetime of water safety by equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to help you and your loved ones swim safely and with confidence. Contact the Training Support Center at 1-800-RED-CROSS or

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