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The Answers You Need

If your question remains unanswered, message us on Facebook .  We will answer as quickly as possible!

How much is entry?

Entry is broken down as follows: 
For anyone 11 years old and older, $15/day
For anyone 3-10 years old, $12/day
For children 2 and younger, free
We offer discounts of $2 off admission for military, first responders, and senior citizens


*We accept all major debit and credit cards.  Sorry, no American Express 

Are lifejackets required?

Lifejackets are required for kids 10 and younger when in the water at all times. Everyone is required to wear a lifejacket to do the cliff jumps and water slides, as well as to go beyond the buoyed shallow area.

You can bring your own lifejackets (it's a good idea to have your name on it!) or rent ours for $6/day.

What is the weather policy?

If the weather is forecasted to be hazardous, we may decide to close the park ahead of time or upon/during hazardous conditions. Check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date status. When open, if lightning is spotted, we will close the water until no lightning is seen for 30 minutes. During this time, the remainder of the beach will be open, including the Bar & Grill.  We encourage you to exercise smart & safe actions for you and your party during hazardous conditions.  Waiting in your car is probably the safest situation-your welcome to return with hand stamp/arm band when all is clear.  

What if I lose something?

Please alert the staff (DO NOT DISTRACT A LIFEGUARD) of your missing item and we can attempt to help you find it. If your item cannot be found within the day OR if you realize you lost something after you leave, fill out the online lost and found form. Be as specific as possible including the possible location of where you think you lost it. (example:  black watch w/ gold clasp by the rock wall facing the slide). IF we locate your item we will contact you and take it to UPS to arrange shipment to you at your cost.  Items lost in the water are simply lost.  We do not dive for lost items, nor do we allow our guests to dive for them.  Therefore, it is extremely important for you not to have keys, expensive glasses or eye glasses, jewelry , or items that you value on your person when you enter the water.  

Are pets allowed?

Pets and emotional support animals are not allowed on the venue grounds under any circumstances. Service animals are federally protected and are allowed in, but are not allowed to enter the water.  Pets and emotional support animals can be boarded for the day at nearby businesses in Rolla, Missouri if needed.

Are there fish in the water?

We are an open environment, so we cannot guarantee the absence of fish or other wildlife. However, to the best of our knowledge we do not have fish and we make strong attempts to prevent fish from being in the water.

Why can't we bring in certain items?

Glass and grills cannot be brought in due to safety concerns. Glass containers are at risk of breaking and would be extremely dangerous and difficult to clean up. Please re-package certain items such as pickles and salsa in another container if you'd like to bring them in.

Grills are a safety concern due to hot coals or gas and as such are not allowed inside or in the parking lot. We have stationary charcoal grills available with our cabana, picnic table, and pavilion bookings. Please reserve a space ahead of time if you'd like one so they don't fill up!
Alcohol cannot be brought in because we carry a liquor license for our Fugitive Beach Bar & Grill, therefore it is illegal (against MO liquor laws) for you to bring it in.  Alcohol can be purchased at the Bar and Grill with a valid ID. Anyone found drinking in the parking lot or sneaking in alcohol will be asked to leave the property without refund.
***Speakers cannot be brought in because they interfere with our own sound system, which is also used to make emergency announcements when necessary.

These are simple requests.  And they all are there for a reason.  That's it.  

What is there to do?
Does anything cost extra?

Glad you asked!  We have 3 cliff jumps- a 10 footer just to get you in the mood, a 15 footer to test your ability of knowing the true distance of five extra feet,  and a 20 footer to see how loud you can scream.  Let's talk about the water slide...the 60' waterslide.  Normally not a big deal, we agree. But we built this luxury liner originally as an obstacle for our obstacle course; so it's no joke.  It slips you fast, really fast, and then it just drops you- lets you go, into the deep blue waters.  But you got kids?  That's alright, next door we have  a non adult don't even think about it smaller kids only slide.  In addition to the thrills, we have a calm kids area and shallow section that ranges from 0'-4' deep, going back all the way to the island. None of these areas or thrills cost extra, but lifejackets are required for the deep water areas. Lifejackets can be brought in or rented for a $6 fee.

Out of the water, feel free to play a game of sand volleyball, corn hole, ginormous Connect 4, and other free family games we have.  

Personally, I use this time to sunbath, relax, put my toes deep in the sand, do a little people watching, sip a lil sippie, and eat things I shouldn't.  Then I end it with a triumphant jump off the 20' till I can't no more.  - D'

Can you do flips off the jumps?

Yes, you are welcome to flip off of the jump if you feel comfortable doing so. It is not recommended if you have no experience flipping before.  Life jackets are required for all jumps.

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