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From Birthdays to Corporate Retreats: Fugitive Beach is Your One-Stop Event Destination

Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion or get together with friends and family? Hosting a party or event at Fugitive Beach is a great option. Our waterpark offers a beautiful beach setting, fun water activities, and plenty of space for your guests to enjoy. We'll share some tips and steps to help you easily host your next party or event at our waterpark.

Step 1: Choose a Date and Time

The first step in hosting a party or event at Fugitive Beach is to choose a date and time. Consider the availability of your guests and the season. Once you've settled on a date and time, check availability and reserve your desired area. We offer pavilions, cabanas, and picnic tables. Consider the size of your group and the type of event you're hosting when selecting your private area.

Step 2: Plan Your Activities

Fugitive Beach offers a variety of water activities, including swimming, cliff jumping, water sliding, and more. Consider incorporating these activities into your event to add some fun and excitement. We also offer beach volleyball and other outdoor games, which can be a great way to keep your guests entertained.

Step 4: Catering and Decorations

No party or event is complete without food and decorations. Fugitive Beach allows outside food and drinks, so you can bring in your own catering or hire a caterer. Make sure to bring any necessary servingware, such as plates, utensils, and cups. Fugitive Beach also has a bar and grill that you can get food from if you don't want to bring your own. Additionally, consider adding some decorations to your area to make it feel festive and welcoming.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Event!

On the day of your event, make sure to arrive early to set up your area and prepare for your guests. Once everyone has arrived, relax, have fun, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Fugitive Beach. Our team is always on hand to help with any questions or needs you may have.


Hosting a party or event at Fugitive Beach is a great way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and have some fun with your friends and family. By following these simple steps, you can easily plan and host a memorable event at our waterpark. Contact our team today to start planning your next gathering!

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