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Blue Skies
Blue Skies
Cabanas #40 & 41 in picture.

Cabanas- Seats 6, Charcoal Grill, $55 for the day

Cabanas Daily Rental $55.00. Our cabanas have seating for six, a charcoal grill for use (you bring all of your own supplies), and a large shade canopy. Cabanas 25, 26, 27, and 28 are the only cabanas where CIGARETTE smoking is permitted. Those renting Cabana #24 - which is the only one with a deck flooring- please be aware of your close proximity to this smoking area and do not rent if you have allergies/medical conditions regarding the situation. Cabanas 29 & 30 are very close to the water, so please take this into consideration if you have young children or if your wanting privacy. You will not be able to rent/reserve a cabana (or any rental) the DAY OF your visit FROM THE WEBSITE; only from the rentals department at the venue. Review all cancellation policies carefully, as well as our venue regulations and guidelines available on the website. You can manage your reservation yourself PRIOR to the cancellation window. If you need assistance, Facebook messenger is the quickest way to reach the Fugitive Family.

Blue Skies
Pavilion Picture is #12

Pavilions-Seats 20, Large Grill, Charcoal Provided - $125

Large Shaded Daily Rentals $125. The venue has four in total pavilions, that have seating for 20 people. The seating varies between tables & chairs and outdoor sofa & chairs. We provide you with a larger grill to comfortably cook for your crew, as well as self lighting charcoal for your use. Only pavilions are provided with charcoal. All other grilling necessities should be brought by the guest. However, should you forget, the Beach Bar & Grill has a mini store as well. Pavilion #1 is located by the accessible parking area, with an easy rear entrance for the accessible guest. Please review the complete description of Pavilion 1 prior to reserving. All pavilions are SMOKE FREE from all types of smoke, regardless. All guests within a pavilion must adhere to all policies for all Fugitive Beach guests' comfort and joy. Be a considerate guest to avoid any issues during your fabulous beach day!

Blue Skies
Picnic table #18 is portrayed in picture.  Picnic tables 33-39 do not have metal canopies.

Shaded Picnic Tables- Seat 6, Charcoal Grill, $35 - $40 daily rental

Grill Tables with grills seat six, with a charcoal grill provided for use. All grilling items are provided by the guests-however, if you forget, we do have items for sale at the Bar & Grill. But we do send reminders in our emails so make sure you send the correct email! Please refer to the map when making reservation if you are making more than one reservation. As always, make yourself aware of all Fugitive Beach policies and regulations before reserving. Picnic tables 33 through 39 rely on tree shade and therefore will not have metal canopy; those tables are daily priced at $35. Please consider this when making your reservations.

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